Best Food for Winter

Along with the seasonal changing, people change their dietary habits and lifestyle. As the winter is knocking at the door, we all have to be a little careful in adjusting ourselves with the season to stay in healthy.

Since the winter is peeping, it had better change your lifestyle a bit. But it’s not easy. For adapting yourself with this coldest season, you must take foods that are essential for keeping us warm and healthy. Let me try to acquaint you about the types of food you should eat in winter to keep the body fit and warm.

Water is a very important element of the environment as much as of the human body. Without drinking much water, you can suffer from dehydration. But, most of us hardly drink water in winter. As the severity of the winter increase, the tendency of drinking water decreases further and that causes dry skin. So, you should drink much water even if the weather is cold. Many people can’t drink cold water. I always suggest them to drink light hot water.

Some people stop drinking green coconut water in winter due to the fear of getting cold. In that case, just cut the green coconut and pour the water into a bowl. Then drink it after 5-10 minutes. In this method of drinking coconut water, you can stay far away from the risk of getting cold.

Besides, in winter, the lack of adequate vitamins and minerals is also liable for the crepey, wrinkled and creased skin. For the deficiency of adequate vitamins and minerals, your skin can get creases. To keep your skin healthy and attractive, take a plenty of colorful vegetables as well as various kinds of fruits. They are rich in vitamins and minerals. Colorful vegetables will provide you with antioxidants in your body. These will remove roughness and coarseness of skin. To maintain the brightness of the skin, you can also place carrot, orange and mandarin orange in your regular menu. The grape will also help you to tighten your skin.

In winter, hair fall is also a great problem. This problem mostly increases in winter due to dandruff. So, to be free from dandruff, you should drink adequate pure water.

I also noticed that the tendency of drinking tea or coffee is increased in winter more than other seasons in many people. But it should not be, to do so to keep the body warm. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t drink tea. Rather you should drink moderately. Instead of drinking tea for keeping the body warm, you should eat protein more. Peanut, fish, meat etc are rich in protein that will control the temperature of the body. So, everyone should be accustomed to protein-rich food. Besides, you can eat various kinds of soup also.

Traditionally, different types of cakes are also eaten in the winter. Besides the usual diet, excessive eating and fewer walks may increase the weight of many people in the winter. So the cakes should be eaten by calculating calories and it should be consistent with the main food.

By following the right rules in this cold season, I hope, everybody will be safe.