Top Tips for Choosing Furniture

Construction: You obviously want that piece of furniture to feel both solid and heavy. You should avoid going for particleboards and light aluminum frames and stick with solid wood construction. This is mainly because solid wood frames are generally more durable and they are the standard when it comes to exquisite furniture. But also ensure that the price matches the quality and the lifespan of the piece. Still on the construction, another important thing to put into consideration is the cushion. Prior to committing to buy anything, you should give the piece a sit test and read plenty of reviews, like these Jordan’s Furniture reviews. If the furniture piece isn’t comfortable, then you won’t fully appreciate it regardless of how beautiful it looks.

Silhouette: This refers to the overall shape of the upholstery piece. Think about if it is just a passing trend or it will remain fashionable for a long time to come. You should treat every piece of furniture as an investment in your home. Also, remember that the furniture you have in your home speaks volumes about you. Ensure that the silhouette you choose is one you will enjoy now and in the future. But this doesn’t imply that you go for a shapeless piece that has no style. No matter your preferences, traditional or modern, you will find all kinds of updated options on the market.

Finish: Another key thing to look out for is whether your piece has any exposed wood. Also, look at the stain/finish color. The appearance of most pieces can be greatly altered by the finish color. A traditional chair can be easily updated into a modern piece by changing a cherry finish to a black finish. By painting a mahogany piece white, you can make it appear more feminine.

Fabric: For formal living rooms, bedrooms, and foyers, you should consider going for light-colored fabrics. but if you will be using the piece more frequently, then you should consider a slightly darker fabric.

The Unexpected: Identify furniture that is unique or has some personality. There might be something different about the silhouette, or it might have some captivating tufting. Regardless, you should let your style shine when choosing a piece of furniture.