Increase Your Body Strength by Physical Exercise

Physical exercise is essential for people of all ages, especially who are above 60 years old. The people ages of 60 to above are not physically strong and active. The parts of their body are so weak that they cannot move easily. Sometimes, because of their physical weakness, they can’t restrain their physical structure. As a result, they may fall to the ground at any time. It causes knee-arm and head injury. So, there are some physical exercises for people who are over 60. These exercises can help them to keep their body fit and make their mind sound. By practice such exercises regularly, it is possible to prevent the sudden occurrence. Here, I am going to suggest you some easy exercises that may help them both physically and mentally. 

1.    At first, try to stand on a leg for 10 seconds. Then try to stand on your other leg. In this way, you have to do this step 5-10 times. I’ll suggest you doing this exercise standing on the back of a chair or beside a wall so that you can hold the chair or wall to prevent physical imbalance. Gradually, try to increase this time of standing on a leg. 

2.    Stand up straightly keeping a little space between two legs. Hold a dumbbell with your left hand keeping your left palm in upwards. Then straight up your right leg and fold the knee. Stay in this condition for 30 seconds. Likewise, do this exercise using the right hand and left leg. Thus, you can practice it 3-5 times in a day and gradually increase the number of repetition. 

3.    Straddle on the back of a chair. Hold the chair with your both hands and stands on the toes. Giving pressure on the toes, raise your ankles up slowly. Then bring your ankles down again Repeat this step 10 times. 

4.    Holding the chair with your hands, stand behind it and step backward your right knee as much as possible. In this step, try to keep your foot of right leg on the floor. Then, fold your right knee to touch your backs with your heel. Do this exercise with both of your legs at least 10 times. 

5. Try to walk along in such a way that your heel of one of your legs needs to right in front of toes of another leg. After walking 10 feet, you need to rotate in 180 degrees. Then, walk 10 feet and come back to the first position. While walking, you need to place both of your hands on both sides so that you can hold something at the time of falling down into the ground suddenly. 

The human body is nothing but a machine with complexity. It doesn’t matter how old you are now. Your body becomes inactive & weak for want of regular exercise. So, if you want to maintain sound health and lead a happy life, there is nothing else except physical exercise.