Food for Healthy Teeth

Who is not fascinated by seeing the zesty and beautiful smile, huh? A beautiful smile can conquer the whole world. Even you can melt the heart of the great heroes of this planet by smiling. But dirty or ugly teeth can dull your smile in a trice.

The ugly tooth can not only seize your smile but also seize many things from you. Because of the dental problems, perhaps, you have to avoid many food items and that is a reason for upsetting. The correct dental care is the only one way of getting rid of many dental problems like tooth breaking, tooth decay etc. So, to keep your teeth hale and hearty, you have to maintain some extra rules of your food habit.

Do you brush your teeth regularly? It doesn’t mean the proper dental care. Besides regular brushing, you have to take a balanced diet for the finest teeth. Because there is a close relationship between the well-being and a balanced diet. Calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin B1, iodine, florin etc. are the essential vitamins and minerals for the teeth. You have to take these vitamins and minerals only through natural food items. Since childhood, if you do not eat foods which contain adequate amounts of these minerals and vitamins, the structure of the teeth and gums becomes weak.

Food for Healthy Teeth

But it is a matter of sorrow that many of us don’t know which foods hold these minerals and vitamins. Now we are giving you the details of it.

The importance of Calcium to form the teeth and gums is extensive. To meet the shortage of calcium, you can eat milk, curd, cheese, soybean, bean seeds, straw, fish, or other vegetables. Furthermore, to absorb calcium, we all have to need of vitamin D which is available in sunlight. Besides sunlight, you will get vitamin D in several food items especially in milk and dairy products.

On the other hand, how sturdy your tooth mostly depends on your gums. So it is very important to keep the gums healthy. Due to the shortage of vitamin C, there can be bleeding from the gums. So, we should take the large quantities of vitamin C regularly. Vitamin C is available in embica, guava, malta, tomato, green chili, lemon etc.
Vitamin B1 or thiamine helps to reduce the pain of the dentist. You can find vitamin B1 in husky flour, red rice, soybean, yolk, fish, oatmeal, and peanuts. For the healthy teeth, iodine is one of the most important components. You can eat sea-fish, cabbage, cauliflower, iodized salt and so on for filling the lake of iodine. Florin prevents dental erosion. You can perceive florin in salt, olive, tea, and pure mineral water.

Any kind of soft drinks or sodium drinks can damage the enamel. So, brush your teeth properly after drinking them. Sticky carbohydrates are also harmful to teeth.

Avoiding food at the party for the sickness of your teeth is not the solution. Just for this little reason, you should not blow away your immense pleasure like ashes or dust. Take proper care of your valuable teeth and laugh frankly.

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