Best Food for Winter


Along with the seasonal changing, people change their dietary habits and lifestyle. As the winter is knocking at the door, we all have to be a little careful in adjusting ourselves with the season to stay in healthy. Since the winter is peeping, it had better change your lifestyle a bit. But it’s not easy. … Read more

Food for Healthy Teeth

Who is not fascinated by seeing the zesty and beautiful smile, huh? A beautiful smile can conquer the whole world. Even you can melt the heart of the great heroes of this planet by smiling. But dirty or ugly teeth can dull your smile in a trice. The ugly tooth can not only seize your … Read more

Benefits of Cycling in Gym

Like walking and swimming, bicycling is an excellent exercise. The benefits of riding bicycle are so many. Riding bicycle regularly is very useful both to our body and mind. It reduces the blood cholesterol levels as well as the blood pressure. Riding bicycle for a 35 kilometer in a week decreases the possibility of coronary … Read more