Benefits of Cycling in Gym

Like walking and swimming, bicycling is an excellent exercise. The benefits of riding bicycle are so many. Riding bicycle regularly is very useful both to our body and mind. It reduces the blood cholesterol levels as well as the blood pressure. Riding bicycle for a 35 kilometer in a week decreases the possibility of coronary heart diseases more than 50 percent.

It is very helpful to reduce body weight by riding cycle regularly. It not only increases the organic chemical process of the human body but also increases the biographical energy. According to the result of a study of the British Journal of Sports Medicine in 2007, approximately, at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour bicycling costs about 500 to 550 calories in an hour. Because of the cost of so much energy, the extra weight of the people who are fatty is automatically decreased and come down to the normal level. In a number of 2008, Archives Pediatrics and Adolescent Media- a journal, says that on the regular cycling, the probability of returning normal weight of the fatty people is 85 percent.

Benefits of Cycling in Gym



And if anyone who has normal body weight rides cycle regularly, the chance of increasing his body weight is less than enough. It is the result of a study which is conducted on the people of Australia in 2008, by a journal named Preventive Medicine. It is also seen that those who go to their responsible place by riding cycle, the possibility of their getting fat is only 40 percent. On the other hand, those who go to their working place by their own private car or bus, the chances of their getting fat is much more, almost 61 percent. By running cycling, it’s possible to reduce blood pressure as well as the cholesterol and the body weight. Moreover, all of these reasons are mostly reliable for decreasing type-2 diabetes. Bicycling in the open air increases the breathing rate. As a result, a lot of oxygen is supplied to the lungs. It increases lung performance and the resistance power of respiratory disorders.

Riding bicycle regularly plays a prominent role in creating some disease-resistant cells which normally increase the immune system in the human body. Moreover, also it is very helpful for the formation of muscles- especially sex, thighs, cuffs and back muscles. Thighs, cuffs and buttocks are also well-proportioned by cycling regularly. Riding cycle regularly makes our knee-coupling and other foot-linkage strong as well as reduces arthritis.

During cycling, our body gets quite wet with sweat. It helps to outflow a lot of body-waste and keeps the skin healthy. Bicycling in the open air emits a kind of hormone¬ “endorphins” which gets mix with blood and reduces mental stress. As a result, serenity comes to the mind and mind becomes excited. It has a great advantage for a child because it helps to increase self-confidence which is very important. It is also therefore very helpful in the overall development of a child. As there are so many benefits in running bicycle, it is not bad to build up the regular bicycling habit at all- whether it is for going to the office, whether for going to the market, for any other needs or just for exercise.

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